“I have worked extensively with Ephraim privately and in his class .  His work has truly zamir
helped me relax and improve my health and performance.    I see it as a foundation for any kind of true journey.”

- Daniel Zamir, acclaimed jazz musician


“Efraim is a genuine healer.”

ted-Ted Kaptchuk, author of The Layman’s Text on Chinese Medicine



“Ephraim, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing treatment you gave me. Without avrhamexaggeration, I have waited for someone like you my whole life.

- Rav Avraham Sutton, star-student of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan




“I recommend Ephraim Jeffrey Geltman as an instructor.”

-Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods (sold 1/2 million copies!)



“Intense physical training can be very hard on the body.  Thank God Ephraim has the professional know-how to keep me agile, flexible and in touch with my body. He’s my refresh button.”

-David Amishay, Israeli Army Special Forces soldier

“As a licensed medical doctor with over 14 years experience, I’ve worked in a number of clinical contexts and met many complementary healing practitioners.  I’ve known andrew Ephraimm Jeffrey Geltman for about three years and have received direct hands-on body work treatment from him.  I’ve also observed him teaching movement classes based on tai chi and martial arts.  I’ve been impressed with his explicit knowledge of healing systems, and his intuitive ability to respond to what his clients need.  He is also committed to working according to Jewish law, and avoids ‘unKosher’ healing practices.  He’s a solid practitioner and I recommend his services to those who want to regain health and increase vitality.”

-Andrew David Shiller, Monsey, NY, Harvard and MIT MD with alternative medicine training


“It feels like finally I’m getting my health on a permanent real track!ML
The people I’ve been working with here are simply helping me find what has been in me all along. It seems that I was woken up in life. Couldn’t have thought that in a short amount of time my outlook on health & life could have changed the way it has. It’s been pretty awesome.. Been practicing all techniques that I can do anywhere at any time like working with: breathing, connection, speech, being in nature, interaction, working with pain & fearlessness. I’m working on stripping off all the unneeded layers of extra thought and weight. Getting back to my essence which was waiting all along for me to uncover it all.”

-Leah Ehrlich- Graphic Design & Artist www.monalisasart.com

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