Efraim Geltman has over twenty years of study and work in the allied fields of yoga, nutrition, martial arts, bodywork, and meditation. He served a four year apprenticeship with Paul Pitchford. www.healingwithwholefoods.com 



Israelite Universal Health Mission Statement

We empower the individual to seek true health through two main channels.
Firstly, the development of the ultimate self healing practices- combining personal  prayer with holistic techniques.
Secondly, to seek and follow the foremost authority on our health journey. Each individual must find and follow who they think is the greatest leader alive now.  All health development efforts must be organized under this leadership.


Having given an estimated 4000 massage therapy sessions and 4000 health classes he is happy to serve you!


Efraim has consulted extensively with Rav Adin Steinsaltz, Rav Dovid Fink and various other well-known Rabbis about issues of Medical Ethics.  Efraim has a particular enthusiasm in the application of medical halacha to the field of integrative health (the combination of alternative and conventional medicine.)




The Jerusalem Health School and Clinic

Full-time Center in Jerusalem



Men’s Exercise and Health Instructor 

Jerusalem Health School and Clinic

Mens and Womens Health Classes in Gansaccer and the Clinic
Flow Power Yoga, Jerusalem
Private Practice Massage Therapy and Holistic Treatment
Efrat & Jerusalem
Private Practive Massage Therapy and Holistic Consultation 
Boston MA and other locales
1989- 2006
On-Site Massage Therapist lotus3
Enernoc Corporation Boston MA
2005 & 2006
Children’s Movement and Dance Instructor 
Brookline Community Center for the Arts, Brookline MA
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 
Mount Auburn Club Watertown MA.
2003 – 2004
Exercise and Stress-Relief Instructor 
Brookline Center for Adult Education Brookline MA.
2000 – 2002
Teen Mind-Body Fitness Instructor 
Concord Academy High School Concord MA.
1999- 2000
Natural Health and Martial Arts Instructor
Oberlin College Oberlin OH.
College-Credit course instructor
Formulated Mind-Body Curriculum 
Pressure Point Massage and Clinic Apprentice
Heartwood Wellness Clinic Garberville CA.
under Paul PItchford (see testimonials)
Education, Treatment, Exercise Therapy 
Creative Martial Arts Instructor
Various styles


Efraim Geltman is the founder and lead practicioner of the Jerusalem Health School and Clinic.


Integration. Everyone who has ever been ill has thought, “I am doing what my doctor tells me. But what about alternative medicine?” At Jerusalem Health, we are networked with MD ‘s and certified healers in non-western treatments who work together with the patient to provide not just a core treatment, but essential supplemental treatments. For example, a patient may get a checkup, blood test, advice, and a medicine from an MD, but also need acupuncture and a Chinese herbal treatment.


“Both doctors and patients alike are bonding with the philosophy of integrative medicine and its whole-person approach — designed to treat the person, not just the disease.
IM, as it’s often called, depends on a partnership between the patient and the doctor, where the goal is to treat the mind, body, and spirit, all at the same time.

While some of the therapies used may be nonconventional, a guiding principle within integrative medicine is to use therapies that have some high-quality evidence to support them.”


Our non-profit fundraising efforts establish a fund that allows patients with financial constraints to receive free or discounted care.


At Jerusalem Health, we recruit and work with patients and students who are serious about both achieving optimum health and providing it professionally. In this way, we do not just integrate different treatments. .
Often a patient will need help at home. Doctors and students at Jerusalem Health are trained to give quality and compassionate care to patients both in at the clinic and at home.


But our mission to give total integrated care does not stop there. For the religious community in Jerusalem, we are also connected to Halachic Authorities and Rabbis who help the patients with their spiritual and halakhic concerns. Our mandate is not just for Jews. We give the same fully integrated care service for everyone, no matter what their creed. Believers in other religions will be matched with clergy from their faiths, should they desire.



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