About Jerusalem Health of Miami

Efraim Geltman is bringing the light of Breslov into the depths of the holistic healing world.


He has over thirty years of study and work in the allied fields of yoga, nutrition, qigong, bodywork, and meditation.


Having served a four-year apprenticeship with Paul Pitchford. www.healingwithwholefoods.com.


Efraim is based in East Boca, South Florida.



Having given about 4000 massage therapy sessions and 4000 health classes, he is happy to serve you!

Efraim has consulted extensively with Rav Adin Steinsaltz, Rav Dovid Fink and various other well-known Rabbis about issues of Medical Ethics.  Efraim has a particular enthusiasm in the application of medical halacha to the field of integrative health (the combination of alternative and conventional medicine.)


Jerusalem Health of Miami



The Jerusalem Health School and Clinic



Other Holistic Career experience
-Oberlin College Oberlin OH. College-Credit course instructor.
(Formulated Mind-Body Curriculum)
– Flow Power Yoga, Jerusalem
(ashtanga, iyengar)
– Enernoc Corporation Boston MA
(group trainer)
– Brookline Community Center for the Arts, Brookline MA 
(Children’s Movement and Dance Instructor) 
– Mount Auburn Club Watertown MA 
(massage therapy and shiatsu)
– Brookline Center for Adult Education Brookline MA 
(Exercise and Stress-Relief Instructor)
– Concord Academy High School Concord MA
(Teen Mind-Body Fitness Instructor )

– Boston Sports Club
– FitCorp
– Boston Sports Club
– Golds Gym
– Cambridge School of Weston
(Yoga Teacher)
AOBTA certification
Acupressure Berkeley Training

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