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I am a mother and yogini, living foods chef interested in connecting with the world out there as I embark on a new level of awareness within myself through the Jerusalem Method of meditation. I will share as I do so some of my challenges and what works best as I strive to overcome them. It is with great pleasure and pain that I do so and in general I choose pleasure over pain but it is with our increased awareness of great challenge that we become wiser and more in tuned with ourselves and the world around us. Training in meditation is no small feat. It is something that prepares us for inevitable bumps along the road and how we bring ourselves back to the breath and to our awareness of the mind is crucial here. For any day dreamers out there, it may seem a bit monotonous at first but the exhilaration and freedom you will feel in your body will make your meandering mind soar with inspiration. Please enjoy what I share here and I hope to teach best what I most need to learn...each day and with each breath. I look forward to sharing my experience with this method and welcome your questions as well. Feel free to request my friendship on facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/schlomi.shoshana and ask me to invite you to my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/990423694336928/ where I am also sharing inspiration for greater awareness and healing through Torah based meditation. So much of my inspiration for doing this work is due in part to the following website and it is the basis for the practice to be found here: https://jerusalemhealth.net/the-jerusalem-health-and-meditation-method/

The Jerusalem Health School and Clinic


Welcome to the Jerusalem Health Clinic and School, where we utilize a holistic approach to achieve your ultimate well-being. These are the methods we use to get you in top shape, physically and emotionally.

  • The Jerusalem Health and Meditation Method
  • ​Shiatsu and Massage Hands-On Therapy Treatment
  • ​Martial Arts, Yoga & Stress- Relief Personal Training

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