Breslov Qigong


This Qigong is to develop health, confidence and relaxation.

Its influenced by years in TaiJI and hard style martial arts (Wing Chung, wrestling, karate), but with a minimization of the the martial aspect and a maximization of the dance, breathing, relaxation, visualization etc…




Efraim has taught an estimated 4000 classes in meditation, yoga and qigong


Work exchange available.

(Combination class of Yoga and Martial Arts also available)


The application of halacha to Qigong distinguishes Jerusalem Health from nearly every other Qigong School in the world. In short the Torah’s Universal Medical Ethics aims to screen out unsavory elements of the practice and culture, of which there are potentially limitless.  I don’t mean to sound snobby but even a surface look at the Qigong world will reveal a circus- parts of which are  better to miss. Just as the modern Circus is letting go of animal captivity and torture, so its time for Qigong to let go of much baggage.  The halacha is one way and I personally have found the best way to do this.