Soulmate Matchmaking

Efraim has introduced a couple couples that got married, and been involved with coaching MANY singles that were dating to get to marriage!

Send me your profile (no charge!) and if we match you with the person you marry, both sides are invited to pay one thousand dollars each.


Best is to send WhatsApp

561 562 2508 (Efraim)

AND email /

I often team up with my wife who has made TWELVE matches that got married and coached countless more!

WhatsAp 561 303 4761 (Miriam)


Introductory Sessions are $125 for a half-hour consult with one of us,

(Again THERE IS NO CHARGE TO FOR SENDING PROFILE- Introductory Sessions are for people for want to ‘get more on our radar’)

Many people pay me by donation ‘along the way’ to encourage my best efforts.

To me its almost always a combination- coaching and matchmaking. Neither one nor the other.

To read about my Coaching go here: