The Jerusalem Health and Meditation Method

Jerusalem Health gives you the most specific and simple techniques in which to train.

The goal is steadiness of practice and independence.





but still may be helpful for new students.


1- We train in creating healthier SOUND VIBRATIONS. We free the voice from restrictions.

Feel where your voice is restricted.  Express yourself so your vocal blockages open.


2- OPENING THE JAW we free all the deep tensions in our face.


3-SUSPENDING THE TOP OF THE HEAD we feel as if it’s being pulled by a string upwards. All the spinal vertebrae separate and elongate.


4- Let all your body MOVEMENTS COME FROM THE VERY CENTER OF THE INSIDE OF YOUR BODY and let your outer limbs follow.


5- RELAX completely.


6- USE YOUR HANDS to massage the place in your body that is most stuck.  Your own hands are the greatest tool on earth.


7- Train the AWARENESS OF THE BREATH. Breathe fully, slowly, softly, rhythmically.


8- Make every word, and sound, and song you make with FEELING, FEEL all the most subtle sensations inside your body. Feel where you feel blocked and numb and FEEL INSIDE THERE! You have to ‘feel to heal.’


9- AUDIENCE.  You are training not just for yourself. You are training for how to interact with anyone you meet today. And you are training to interact with limitless people in the future.


10- MEANING. Move and vocalize in a way that have the most meaning for you.


11- ANATOMY. Feel your anatomy. Pay attention to your anatomy.


12- FUTURE. There is always an element of training for your future, Be in the moment without getting lost in it. We all have great battles ahead and are training for them.


13- SMOOTHNESS. Consciously make all your movement, sounds, etc, exactingly smooth.


14- CONTINUITY. You will often have the impulse to break whatever ‘flow’ you are in. The longer you can practice in one continuous masterful session, the deeper you will go in.


15- EXPANSION. Let your whole body continually expand. Physically OPEN UP! Stretch! Jump around and stretch your lung capacity!


16- SUPPORT your proper breathing by feeling the alignment of your pelvis. When practicing standing, tuck your tailbone down to point to the ground so that your lower back is flat. Be loose and relax and drop your weight.


17- RHYTHM. Find your rhythm. You can ‘cheat’ by using recorded music and working with it.


18- FIRE. Feel inside yourself what you are most burningly ‘psyched’ about. Dig it up. Connect to it. This whole work is to bring your life towards the pure version of whatever true direction you are most wanting to go.


19- ROOT DOWN. Drop all your physical weight, your center of gravity, down down down to the center of the earth. Stand tall and drop all your weight onto your thighs. Let your upper body dance free and take all your weight on your thighs. The center of the earth is a long way down, so keep dropping.


20- THINK DEEPER. Think. Think! The goal here is to express yourself completely about what you most want to, and think as deeply as you can about what you most want to.


21- GO TO NATURE. Whenever possible practice this method out in nature. Braving the elements forces us to develop our health. Especially good is places of total isolation that are as natural as possible. Highly recommended is the same spot in nature, off-trail, every day.


22- SLOW DOWN. As you are basically rebirthing your world with this method, the slower you practice, the faster you will create a new way of being in your world. To go fast, slow down!


23-PUSH THROUGH THE GOOD PAIN With every moment that you endure through good pain, you are opening up what has been long-stagnant. Persist!This whole method is based on a very healthy dissatisfaction with your present life. You can feel what’s off and you are training to get closer and closer to ‘where it’s at.’


This is a Practice whose basics you can learn in one hour, Print out this list below to refer to when you want to practice.


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